2020 New SHUNZAO Z1-Pro Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 15500PA Strong Cyclone Suction for Home Car Wireless Dust Catcher


  • Brand Name: TOOKFUN
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Power (W): 110w
  • Voltage (V): 100-240V
  • Function: Sweep Suction
  • Dust Box Capacity (L): <0.5 L
  • Dust Storage Type: Cyclone Dust Bucket/Dust Box
  • Battery Life: None
  • Certification: CB
  • Certification: ce
  • Bag Or Bagless: Bagless
  • Installation: Hand Held
  • Timing Reservation: No
  • LCD: No
  • Size(mm): 33.6*76*7.3cm
  • Remote Control: No
  • Special Suction Nozzle: Multifunctional Combined Brush
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Model Number: XIAOMI YOUPIN Shunzao Z1 White / Z1-Pro Black
  • Turbo Brush: YES
  • Cord Length (m): Wireless
  • Cleaning Route: Planned Type
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Dust box volume: 100ML
  • Z1 White Battery Life: 12Min
  • Z1-Pro Black Battery Life: Standard mode 30Min / Max mode 10Min
  • Z1 White Wind Pressure: 7000PA suction
  • Z1-Pro Black Wind Pressure: 15500PA suction








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SHUNZAO Z1/Z1-Pro Vacuum Cleaner Main Features


* White Z1: Brushed motor version, 7000PA suction
* Black Z1 Pro: Brushless Motor Edition 15500PA suction
* Uses TOYO / FUJI carbon brushes and SCHUNK carbon brushes. 
* Built-in 3 high-efficiency lithium batteries, fficient power, Vacuuming anytime.
* Innovative air guide system, professional air guide, professional heat dissipation.
* Double-layer filtration system, professional filtration to prevent secondary pollution.
* Professional nozzle design, do not miss every corner
* Recessed LED lighting, Suck clean
* Easy disassembly, components can be cleaned




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Shunzao Z1/Z1-Pro Vacuum Cleaner

No cable used ,handheld, fast vacuuming, portable car vacuum cleaner, compact and portable, long time of use

Technology and beauty, elegant and clean life

Let “Shunzao” be your cleaning assistant. Help you create a clean, comfortable and elegant living environment.

Light weight, low noise, strong suction

Shunzao vacuum cleaner, the white standard version uses TOYO / FUJI carbon brushes and SCHUNK carbon brushes. Shunzao Black Vacuum Cleaner Plus. On the basis of the standard version, a brushless motor with a wave gasket is used, which brings a speed of up to 60,000 rpm and a maximum suction force of 15500pa, which can easily remove dust, smoke, hair, and even food debris and debris. Lightweight body, reduced noise and shock-resistant design make the vacuuming process more comfortable.

Innovative air guide system, professional air guide, professional heat dissipation

Innovative air guide system design, the design of the turbine fan blades of the intake air duct, keep the motor in a stable working state; the design of the air outlet guide at the same time accelerates the heat dissipation of the battery and improves the endurance.

White Z1: Brushed motor version, 7000PA suction
Black Z1 Pro: Brushless Motor Edition 15500PA suction

Car vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming anytime

Under the seat cushion, under the floor mat and in the trunk, it is easy to accumulate small debris and hair. The door, the gap in the car, and the air-conditioning port are dusty places, which easily cause breathing difficulties. This car vacuum cleaner can solve these problems. In the limited space of the car, it is easy to clean and maintain the sanitation, charge at any time, vacuum at any time, and clean at any time.Tookfun.
Note: USB power charging interface can support car charging

Efficient power. No cables are required. More durable

The rear center of gravity design, built-in 3 high-efficiency lithium batteries at the rear of the handle, can use longer. No cables are required handheld design makes the vacuum cleaner free from the constraints of wires and cleans up the dirty and messy environment. It is not only suitable for daily living, but also suitable for office and car environment.

Double-layer filtration system, professional filtration to prevent secondary pollution

Adopting a double-layer filtering system, a 200-mesh primary filter with a HEPA F7-grade spunlace membrane filter element, can effectively filter fine dust, prevent secondary pollution, and can be rinsed and reused with water.

Professional nozzle design, do not miss every corner

Vertical nozzle design. external telescopic narrow nozzle design. external wide nozzle design
Vertical nozzle design:The fish-nozzle nozzle design protects the surface or gap of the suctioned fabric. The vertical suction nozzle has greater lateral suction power, and it also meets the habit of sweeping and vacuuming for most people.
External telescopic narrow nozzle design:Suitable for narrow spaces, gaps, keyboards, air conditioners, etc.Tookfun.
External wide nozzle design: suitable for bed surface, pillow and table.

Professional appearance design, beautiful, small size

Shunzao car-mounted handheld vacuum cleaner looks like a bottle of red wine. After use, it can be placed in the car, home, office, or placed on the floor, table, cabinet, or corner of the house. The cleaning effect is good and beautiful.

Recessed LED lighting. Suck clean

When cleaning, the more concealed gaps and corners are often overlooked. Press the light button lightly and the LED light turns on to illuminate the area in front. Clean up the corners, you can suck up all the dust cleanly, and the home environment with pets is no problem.

Detail design

Bottom type dust cover design: cover dust cover after use, dustproof, safe and stable

Type-C vertical charging interface: fast charging speed, vertical interface can effectively protect the wiring and interface

USB power charging interface: support charging operation in car and indoor environment

High-efficiency power lithium battery: strong power, long-term use.
Z1 White Battery Life: 12Min,
Z1-Pro Black Battery Life: Standard 30Min / Max 10Min

Filter pull ring design: gently pull out the filter for easy removal and flushing

Dust cup gravity-closing design: prevents dust particles from falling

Easy disassembly, components can be cleaned

The dust cup and filter assembly can be disassembled by rotating, and the steps are easy to operate. Rinse the surface with water. The vacuum cleaner is not only easy to vacuum, but also easy to clean after vacuuming.

1. Host machine 2. Telescopic two-in-one nozzle 3. Brush head nozzle 4. Charging cable 5. Manual, certificate of compliance


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